Fast Fashion Season 5: Episode 5, Model Essence

We’re coming at you with another good one, guys! A new type of creative made her mark on our show this week. Essence Taylor, a new face on the modeling scene making big moves in editorial and on the runway. We first met Essence at the Sheila Rashid show this past winter where Essence was modeling Sheila’s amazing new collection and we were so captivated by her beauty. Timing could not be more perfect for her right now. As we sit down to talk with Essence, she is fresh off of doing jobs for  J. Crew, Walgreens, and Vogue Italia! Ummm…YEAH

Essence graced us with stories from her childhood and we learn what took her from Ball State University, bringing her back to Chicago. It was never a real question in her mind whether or not fashion was the route she wanted to take, so once back in the city, she pursued fashion merchandising and marketing, opening the door to modeling opportunities, giving way to the blossoming career she has now.  As a dark-skinned Black woman,Essence tells us some of the hardships she faces (still) in the modeling industry. We get to live vicariously through Essence listening to her describe what it’s like seeing her face in ads and in magazines- spoiler alert: something close to amazing.

Essence’s career is only getting started, so make sure to follow her on her Instagram to keep up with her. We are looking forward to saying we knew her ‘when’ before she’s a staple at NYFW, modeling for Balmain!

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