Fast Fashion Season 5: Episode 6, Hip-Hop Artist, Producer & Songwriter, Sir The Baptist

We’re coming at you with another exciting episode that you don’t want to miss! Our good friend, Sir the Baptist, paid us a visit straight off his international tour. Sir is a hip-hop and R&B recording artist, producer, songwriter, and a huge philanthropist. He’s labeled  holistic lyricist, and is proving himself as a chaplain in the modern rap culture.

Humble as can be, our guest takes us back to the beginning of his musical journey, revealing the fact that he was homeless, living out of his car at a moment in his life when he was trying to bless the world with his talent. We find out how he found his way out of that reality, and how he used (and uses) music as his outlet for speaking about things that matter to him, and preaching realness to all who have the desire to listen. He told us how important spiritual currency is to him and what it means to him. Sir calls himself an “urban monk!” He dives deep into his definition of what that means and how the urban monk knows how to dig into the most important things without being aggressive, all while “wearing some fly kicks” 😉 Contrary to what some may think, his music isn’t focused on religion, but more so focused on the reality of people and spirituality. We dug deep into what it means to be an independent artist and the power he sees in signing with a label. Since Sir went on tour with Jay-Z (UM YEAH), we HAD to ask the first thing that came to mind about Queen Bey and oh yeah… what it was like touring with Mr. Carter himself. And you guessed right, it was unbelievable.

As if the journey and success he has had so far in the music world is not enough, Sir is coming out with an exciting new project which is a short film called “God Is On The Way”, a powerful story of a woman involved in sex trafficking overcoming her odds to find love. We cannot overstate how amazing this man is! Make sure to follow him on Instagram where you can check out his music, and take a look at his website so that you can catch his next show!

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