Fast Fashion Season 5: Episode 8, Fashion Designer Chelsey Carter

In this week’s episode of FFP, we sat down with fashion designer, Chelsey Carter, the head designer and creative director behind Alex Carter. The brand and her clothing have been featured in Vogue, Verluxe, Kiss Magazine, Chicago Social, Off Kilter Magazine, as well as on SZA (dying). Her designs and personal hairstyles are breaking through the competitive fashion landscape, one statement accessory and piece of clothing at a time.

Chelsey sat down to talk to us, ski pant-overalls and all (they’re just as cool as they sound), about what influences her, and what it means to be an emotional designer. She took us back to her early teens to reminisce on when she first started designing, and how she knew she was meant to go into an artistic career. Her art teacher noticed her effortless and distinct style, and gave her a helping hand by suggesting she go into fashion design. She filled us in on why she thinks it’s a good idea to “fly under the radar of gender” in the fashion world when it comes to picking a name and aesthetic for your brand. We also got a real education around why independent designers charge what they do for their work, sometimes in the $200-$300 per piece price range, and how little they are actually profiting.

Check out the whole episode to hear how Chelsey got that bomb denim ensemble on SZA for the Grammy’s earlier this year and make sure to follow her on Instagram to keep up with her crazy life. If you want to rock one of Chelsey’s designs, take a look at her catalog on her website!

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