Fast Fashion Season 5: Finale, Candid Conversation with Farissa Knox, Founder + CEO of WhatRUWearing and RLM Media

Wait … is it our season finale already!? We couldn’t think of a better way to leave you guys off before we come back next season with surprises, upgrades and things you won’t be able to believe, than to have a candid, unfiltered AF conversation about some of today’s most controversial and hottest topics with one of our most favorite people. In this steamy episode, Mary sits down with non-other than the founder of WhatRUWearing, Farissa Knox. As many of you know, not only did Farissa start WhatRUWearing, which is responsible for this podcast, daily fashion, style, beauty + creative editorial and web series’ like PRGirl, but she is also the founder of RLM, a media advertising agency and holding company. Farissa’s entrepreneur career is going on a decade and she is just getting started. In addition to building companies, being a content creator and a self-published author, she is a pro at being 100% authentic and that is why we have to grab her every now and then and turn her mic up!

We sat down to discuss relevant, important, and controversial topics, because well, WE CAN, and we feel that it is crucial and necessary to be able to listen to other people’s opinions, and teach others in the process. In this episode, we touch on diversity, including beyond race, try to tackle the difference between girls having a “Hoe Phase” and an “Exploration Phase”, and talk through what it means to be selfish, in life and in relationships. Check out our season finale now and make sure to stay connected to us on social media as we do the equivalent of a day to night outfit change and meet ya’ll out later. Thanks for the continued support! Be back soon. Stay tuned, and shop Farissa’s book, here!

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