Candid Creator S6, E7: Multi-instrumentalist & Singer Luke Titus

On this week’s episode, we caught up with multi-instrumentalist and singer, Luke Titus. His background in music will blow you away. He told us about what it was like being a member of a band called Woo Park, drumming for Noname, being on stage with the Blue Man Group (remember those high school field trips?!). He also taught us the lessons he has learned from breaking away and becoming a solo artist.

From the moment our conversation began with Luke, it was clear that we were in the presence of one of the sweetest souls around! He walked us through his childhood and his journey to find is personal sweet spot in the music industry. Dabbling early on in singing, drumming and song-writing, by the age of 17 he had already done SO much. By 17, he was a member of 2 bands, drummed for Blue man Group and developed his own genre-bending sound along with an impressive fan base.

Seemingly a “Jack of all Trades”, the next logical step in his progression as an artist was to attempt being a solo artist. And, let us be the first to tell you, he is kicking ass at that, too! During our conversation, Luke drops knowledge on how he approaches being a solo artist and the lessons (so far) he has learned from the experience. Luke currently has two EP’s available titled, Colors and Aside of Love. Prepare your emotional heartstrings for his explanation around his Colors EP, what inspired it and what it means to him.

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