Candid Creator S6, Finale E13: Social Media Manager & Editor, Rashima Sampson

Welcome to the finale of season 6 of Candid Creator. This season was full of laughs, deep convos, and inspiration from the dopest creatives- and in true Candid Creator style, we are ending this season with a bang. We are having a candid conversation around ‘dating today in your 20s’ with Rashima Sampson, social media manager and contributing editor at WhatRUWearing. Mary and Rashima don’t shy away from topics like, is it even possible to meet people in real life vs. dating apps and is there really a ‘right time’ to have sex for the first time with someone!?!

Between the two of them, Rashima and Mary have had their fair share of relationships. Their ups and downs have guided them through many decisions, where they have confided in each other’s honest opinions about finding love and how best to hold on to it, all while not losing yourself in the relationship. As partners in crime, nothing is off limits in this honest episode. Rashima, no stranger to dating apps, and Mary, on the contrary, not having any experience with meeting lovers on apps, bring just the right balance to this topic and just enough real world experience to add color to what’s really good in today’s dating scene.

Make sure you are connected to us on social media @candidcreatorpodcast and keep up with our YouTube channel, Candid Conversations, while we are busy curating more amazing interviews and concepts for our next season, coming at the beginning of 2019. Thank you to all of our listeners for a wonderful season, and keeping the creativity flowing! We truly appreciate y’all. And to check out all the work Rashima puts in for WhatRUWearing, make sure to follow @WhatRUWearing and@PRGirlSeries as well as some of her amazing editorial here.