Candid Creator S6, E8: Host Of “No Ketchup Chicago” Podcast, Sean Little

Joining us on this week’s episode is one of my favorite people and podcast hosts, Sean Little! Sean is the host of Chicago’s very own “No Ketchup.” He’s telling us about Chicago sports, culture, the scene, and anything poppin’ nationally, while avoiding corn balls by any means necessary. Sean came to talk to us about why he started his own podcast, how he’s dealing with major career changes, and the struggles he has with voicing his opinions without trying to offend his audience.

Sean was an aspiring sports broadcaster before he decided to make podcasting his full time job. While at school, the reality of the competitive nature that broadcast journalism made him realize he needed to find another avenue that still fulfilled his love for sports. During his search, Sean started at a marketing firm, and later went on to work for CBS sports. This man LOVE sports, can you tell? Although he was surrounded by a concept that he loved, he felt out of place within his corporate work environment. We dove deep into why Sean decided to go the entrepreneur route to start podcasting full-time, and why creative freedom is important to him. We had so much fun talking about all things podcasting, we couldn’t forget to play a game involving Sean’s dope fashion sense!

Make sure to listen to Sean’s podcast, “No Ketchup”, with new episodes out every week, and give him a follow on Insta to peep all his amazing fits and funny videos of him covering, you guessed it, sports events!