PR Girl Alexandra Moresco Shows How She Keeps Her #CareerGoals Going In Episode 1 Of The Series

We’ve all seen The Hills, The Kardashians, Summer House, ect. – and we’ve all asked ourselves – wait, don’t these people have jobs?

While the answer may be yes, we also know it’s not some of our own personal reality to be able to randomly move to LA with our bestie, or hang out in the Hamptons whenever we want and party. If you thought PR Girl was another unrealistic, “keep dreaming,” kind of deal – think again.

It’s “keep dreaming,” as in, it’s not going to be easy, but keep dreaming, because  you can do this. During the first episode, 24-years-old Alex explains what’s on her plate – a wedding, grad school, her own company, a panel and  more – yes – a real girl like us who has to juggle a million things from work, social life, boys and more.

During the first episode Alex meets with WhatRUWearing CEO Farissa Knox to nail in the details of her next event and share who she wants on the Movers and the Shakers panel. The outcome? Powerful women in the industry who know the in’s and out’s of success. It made us nervous for her watching as she decided who to include! She also talks about one of her clients, Chris Jones – we won’t spill what he does – but we promise you will be blown away during the episode (seriously, how does he do that!?!).

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And unlike the Real Housewives or The Kardashians, the story seems purposeful – it’s almost documentary-like, instead of juicy, gossip, backstabbing tv – don’t get us wrong – it’s as entertaining as it can get – but with a sense of REAL reality – not  fake.

As if that was enough on her list, we later find out that Alex has Lyme disease – seriously, this girl can kick some serious butt no matter what she’s going through each day – including hitting the city with her girls, which is also featured on this episode … can you say … ice luge?

Check it out below and tell us what you think! Binge watch the series now, here!