PRGirl is a reality series based on the individual journey some of the most inspiring women in Public Relations have taken. Created and produced by WhatRUWearing, we get to see an up close and personal look at what it takes to make it in the world of PR, while getting to know some of the best women in the game. Season 1, released in October of 2017, features Alex Moresco of Moresco PR. (Full Season Below).

In only a way WhatRUWearing could, season 2 of PRGirl takes the franchise to a whole other level. With even more “girls”, glam and grind, we are treated to a refreshing take on reality TV that you are sure to keep coming back for. Combining the world of fashion, beauty, and lifestyle PR, season 2's cast features Fallon Ryan of Lana Jewelry, Nolita Pore of Namaste and Alex Ott, founder of Chrome City PR. Scroll down for the early release of S2: E1 as we take you inside the lives of three PRGirls as they navigate celebrity stylists, the beauty world and the reality of growing a PR agency.

Welcome To Season 2!

In the pilot episode of season 2 of PRGirl, we meet this year’s leading ladies and learn all the many reasons why they are spectacular in their own rights. Fallon Ryan, Director of PR for Lana Jewelry, an international company that not only dresses the likes of Rihanna, Gigi and Madonna (just to name a few), but is also the entry point to attainable luxury for today’s woman, introduces us to the life of celebrity stylists, weekly flights to NYC and LA and in her personal life, what real sisterhood looks like. Nolita Pore, Social Media Manager and Publicist for the international hair care company Namaste, expels the myth that ‘doing social media’ is easy because you have an Instagram and takes us on her professional and personal journey of fresh starts and new beginnings- and Alex Ott, Founder, and CEO of Chrome City Chicago, shows us what multitasking to the max looks like on a grown woman. Between living a bi-coastal life with her 2-year-old, running and growing her company and managing the needs of clients, the audience gets an inside look at what it takes to run a successful PR firm.

In the highly anticipated Episode 2 of PRGirl, each of the ladies shows us the power of family, how they each define it and just how important the love and support they receive from their squad is to their success both professionally and personally. Whether it’s an afternoon of outdoor Yosé with besties (duh! Yoga + Rose) or being able to lean on the matriarchs around you for help, one thing is clear--there is nothing more magical than the power of determined and supportive women.

In the 3rd episode of season 2 of PRGirl, we see the ladies showcase something that is rarely talked about in the business world as a necessity to ‘making it’ – a good spirit! They say your talent gets you through the door, but your personality keeps you in the room. When we're striving to reach our goals like landing that important client, or handling the curveballs life throws at us, how we handle it all is a reflection of our character. In this episode, the ladies show us, in different ways, how maintaining an optimistic, persuasive, and rational spirit keeps you afloat in life and in the business of PR.

Season 1

Meet Alex. Her world is her family, friends and professional growth in the Entertainment PR space. As she and her friends officially kick off summer, plans for working on projects together, celebrating Alex's upcoming wedding to DJ and finishing her first year of grad school are top priorities.

What's better then friends with benefits? Not those benefits (although, zero judgement from us). We're talking social media skills, event planning expertise, the ability to calm a crowd with the sound of your voice and graphic designing abilities for the Gods!

With best friends like Sarah Aiken, we could all rule the world! Bachelorette weekend planning (check), event space landed (check), and everyone's newest fashion inspiration (check, check, check).

Coffee, killer outfit, client visit, 100 emails, champagne, rinse, and repeat is a day in the life. Or, in other words, stage mom + professional babysitter = The PRLife!

No pressure Alex. You might have the next Dave Chapelle on your hands. In the meantime, panel, Lyme gala, oh, and don't forget your wedding. #NotBusy

Grab your front row seat at the WhatRUWearing Movers + Shakers PR panel and learn from and get inspired by some of the top, young publicists in Chicago. Entertainment, Corporate, Food/Hospitality and Fashion is all represented in the conversation. See what these ladies constitute as a 'win' and what some of the real crisis' are that they have had to tackle.

Alex's long awaited bachelorette weekend is finally here. Cooking out, drinking, axe throwing, drinking, laughing, drinking, crying, drinking- and did we mention drinking?!? Alex gets to let her hair down, connect with old friends and introduce everyone in the wedding party to make her wedding weekend that much more spectacular.

The morning of the largest event of Alex's career (so far) is here and she has planned for everything, except this!

In the season finale, we see the final results of Alex's non-stop planning for the Global Lyme Alliance 1st annual Chicago fund raiser event- a cause so near and dear to her heart, that it if her speech doesn't have you all in your feelings, you might need to check your pulse!

The ladies of the first season of PRGirl (minus Mindy, who was on a vacation- surprise, surprise) come back together with Farissa Knox, the creator of PRGirl, to talk about how the experience of filming was this summer, how they all met each other, what's new in their life and what we can all expect from them in months to come.