Pretty Much Everyone’s Street Style At NYFW Included This Trend

New York Fashion Week is in full force, and we are taking a look at what’s on the streets just as much as we are taking a glance at what’s on the catwalk.

If there’s one dominating trend that seemed to hit every influencer, celeb and IG model – it was the ’70s vibe. From plaid blazers and corduroys, to mini skirts and jumpsuits, things were totes looking groovy in NYC.

A time like today where freedom of expression and speech is so important, the ’70s appeared in all forms of  fashion with boho, disco, flower-child and rock attire.

If you don’t believe us the era is making a comeback, check the the street style from NYFW and consider this your wake up call to add it to your own wardrobe. (Photos via Fashionista).