PRGirl Season 2: A Positive Reimagining of Women in Reality Shows

Two episodes down, and there’s so much more to come!

In Episode 1, we introduced the audience to three Chicago-based publicists, Fallon Ryan, director of PR at Lana Jewelry, Nolita Pore, Digital Marketing Manager at Namaste Laboratories, and Alex Ott, CEO of Chrome City Chicago.

As promised, we also take the audience behind the doors of the WhatRUWearing office. From strategy meetings, photo-shoots, and content creation, the story of the WhatRUWearing brand is told through PRGirl, a digital series created with the Samantha Jones-esque girl in mind.

“We wanted to make a reality show about women who are in power and aren’t in a competition or fighting with one another for fame, which is how we often see women portrayed in reality television,” said WRUW Founder and Executive Producer, Farissa Knox. “We wanted to show that PR is a job that requires you to sacrifice a lot to make others look good. The success of a publicist lies in their ability to take care of themselves while pushing their clients to new heights,” she finished.

Fallon Ryan, Director of PR for Lana Jewelry, an international company that not only dresses the likes of Rihanna, Gigi and Madonna (just to name a few), but is also the entry point to attainable luxury for today’s woman, introduces us to the life of celebrity stylists, weekly flights to NYC and LA and in her personal life, what real sisterhood looks like.

Nolita Pore, Social Media Manager and Publicist for the international hair care company Namaste, expels the myth that ‘doing social media’ is easy because you have an Instagram and takes us on her professional and personal journey of fresh starts and new beginnings.

Alex Ott, Founder, and CEO of Chrome City Chicago shows us what multitasking to the max looks like on a grown woman. Between living a bi-coastal life with her 2-year-old, running and growing her company and managing the needs of clients, the audience gets an inside look at what it takes to run a successful PR firm.

With a refreshing take on reality TV, rave reviews and high anticipation, we’ve decided that PRGirl should be showcased on a larger platform. PRGirl is currently being pitched to various networks such as Netflix and Hulu, causing a pause on the release of new episodes until 2019. We’re excited to show more the fabulous and fervent summer we and the entire cast had. *Fingers crossed AF*

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