I Tried Candy Lipz To Get Kylie Jenner Lips & Here’s What Happened

There’s one thing I can’t stop staring at – on Instagram, on television in magazines – I cannot stop staring at Kylie Jenners flawless lips. Sure, it’s super old news, but the obsession of big lips hasn’t gone any where – which lead me to this product.

I had tried lip plumping glosses, lip liner tricks and more – but nothing was living up to my Jolie image in my head. I heard about Candy Lipz and thought I would try it out. According the the website, “The CandyLipz lip plumper is one-of-a-kind! It is an ingenious, hand-operated lip enhancer powered by an ancient Chinese Cupping suction technique that enlarges the lips without using chemicals or needles.”

The site also claims that if conditioned correctly, you’d see a 36% lip size increase in sixty days. That was it – sold!

Upon arriving, it came in cute adorable box. The booklet inside contains warnings that the product can cause hickeys, cupping lines, and bruising on some people, especially during the “conditioning” period. These are supposed to go away the more your lips get use to it overtime. After reading the directions, I was ready to plump.

When suctioning, it pinched my lip and made my eyes tear up, but the pain was tolerable. I left the apple suction for one minute and when I took it off, I was amazed. My lips had doubled in size. I did the bottom, and received the same experience. If I had wanted them even bigger (which I didn’t), I could have done another round, or until I was satisfied with the size.

(Before trying Candy Lipz with plumping gloss on)

(Immediately after trying on my top lip)

I did have some cupping marks and slightly bruised lips, which you can see in the photos,  but nothing to the point of concern on the day of suction.

(Immediately after bottom)

They stayed to the full size for about three hours before slightly shrinking down, but you are able to use the product as often as you would like. In the photo below, I simply put gloss over. There is no lip liner, which would have most likely enhanced them even more.

My overall feeling? It’s addicting and I love it. It did exactly as it promised, and really blew me away with how large my lips were in one minute with no needles. However, the first time I did it, the bruises were large on my lips and dark purple, lasting for two days. They were so bruised and purple, people asked me if I had drank red wine or eaten a popsicle/sucker. However, they were not swollen, just bruised, so you could easily hide with colored lipstick. There was also zero pain with the marking.

Candy Lipz is a great alternative if you are looking for something to enhance your lips, but don’t want to pull the trigger on the needle. Read the warnings (not everyone has the same experience), make sure you are the right candidate, don’t  over do it, try your best to maintain an even shape, and last but not least … pucker up! Click here to shop Candy Lipz.

Staci Wuokko – Editor in chief