Puff Sleeve Dresses Are The Sh*t And Here’s Why

It’s here, there and everywhere. We’re talking about puff sleeve dresses. While the romantic style has been around for quite some time, it’s more dominant than ever.

The look is practical as it is dope and sophisticated. Trust us,  it gets you non-stop compliments throughout the day. The best part about the trend? Its diversity is never ending. You can find puff sleeve dresses in any style. From wrap and midi to revealing and sexy, they are all over the streets of New York Fashion Week. We have seen them in pretty white, bold gingham, creative leather and more. From silk to satin, there’s one for everyone, and you need to get on the trend now.

If you don’t believe us, just look at celebrities. Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin and Bella Hadid started wearing the look months ago. And, some of your favorite influencers like Something Navy and WeWoreWhat have included the puff sleeve dresses and tops in their own line.

If you’re scared to start off huge, go for smaller puff sleeve dresses. Find one that billows at the elbows instead, and start there. Once you get it though, you’ll never have enough and totally hope it stays for good. A little structure can be good in our lives, so it’s got to even be better in our fashion. At least, that is what we were told.

Another reason it’s so dope is it instantly gives you a bad ass boss babe vibe. As a result, the 80’s shoulders aren’t one to hide or mess with, they’re one to show off! Try one with multiple puff if your shoulders are on the narrower side, or for a smaller silhouette if you’re more broad. Either way, there’s no real way to f*k it up.

Additionally, weather is already cooling off, meaning you can go big with the sleeves, or just stay home. Check out some of our favorite looks below.