Qualities You Should be Looking for in a Potential Guy

With all the news swirling the royal engagement of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, women’s reactions were overwhelmingly positive. Though we know the perfect love doesn’t exist,  it was exciting and inspiring to see a woman get her fairytale ending. For single girls–whether your going with the flow, fab and focused or looking for the special someone, we all have some idea of what our dream man would be like.

Everyone has different tastes when it comes to dating and what we look for in a partner. It’s important to be realistic, not superficial but still not compromising of your standards. These qualities should align with your morals; they’re simple but important. If you’ve kissed a few frogs, you would obviously know not everyone possesses the most basic human decency or commendable character.

Is he a Gentleman?

In a ‘Netflix and chill’ culture, many girls would say chivalry is slowly dying. With  dating apps like Bumble and Tinder at our fingertips, it has sadly made some guys lazy when it comes to pursuing a woman. However, there are some men who still practice romantic gestures like opening your door, pulling out your chair, planning a date and paying! Don’t let the growing population of f*ckboys kill your desire to be treated like a lady.


Is he honest?

Is he transparent and reliable from the beginning?  You should never question or be confused about anything that he says, even without the rose-colored lenses.  If he does and means exactly what he says, your relationship will be off to a healthy start. Trust is key.

Is he confident?

An ideal man is confident in himself and stays true to who he is. Sure, we all have our flaws and insecurities– but the ability to see the value in yourself and what you have to offer is a contagious positive energy. A confident person with is fun to be around because they have charisma, can make you laugh and feel comfortable.

Is he mature?

The most challenging issue women of all ages, but mostly young women (duh) have with dating is finding a man who is mature. Mentally, emotionally or financially, maturity is something a relationship can’t survive without from both parties. Pay attention to how he approaches you, handles situations and lives his life.

Is he motivated?

Ambition is attractive. If you’re a go-getter yourself, this is a quality you love in a man. You dream about a Barack to our Michelle to chase your dreams with. #PowerCouple! A motivated man constantly works to create a fulfilling life for himself and family.

Is he loyal?

Loyalty is valued in all kinds of relationships. It’s easy to fake certain qualities to get what you want, but faithfulness and loyalty dependent upon someone’s reputation. If  he has a shady history, it’s safe to say run for the hills!

Is he a protector?

Even the strongest women want to feel a sense of security from their partner. A man who is willing and able to protect you from any trouble or danger gives a little more peace of mind.