Rain Jackets That Are Perfect For Summer Because It Might Never Be Sunny

Rain jackets seem to be our need this season, which totally sucks because it’s summer. Or at least, we think?

We don’t want to storm on your good time, or more importantly, fashion. So, we bring great news when we say a fashion piece that’s keeping us dry all season is the anorak. If you don’t know WTF an anorak is, it’s just a real fancy and grown up way of saying rain jacket.

Leave your bombers, leather jackets, and shearling coats behind. This piece is about to be everywhere, plus it’s a whole lot more practical and it’ll actually keep you dry when it’s sh*tty AF outside. The outerwear, which can now totally be worn inside, hit the runways of Gucci and Balenciaga. Designer catwalk? You know it’s about to be  on everyone on IG. The most amaze part about the coat making a major comeback is that it’s available in all styles and colors. Really, there’s one for everyone. If your style is edgy and Riri-like, go for an oversized one. If you’re into preppy, opt for a more trench coat look. And, if chic and Beyonce are more your inspo, go for one that’s extra and structured.

But how do you take rain jackets, and make it fashion? Pair it with skirts, dresses, jeans, rompers. Possibilities go on and on! Take cues right our favorite looks below and channel your favorite celeb – trust us, you’ll soon be begging for the rain once you get your #ootd down.