Real Talk: Jessica Murnane On Beauty, Endometriosis & A Healthy Diet

After years of endometriosis, Jessica Murnane considered changing her diet of Sour Patch Kids, cheese & Diet Coke, after a friend reached out about a special endometriosis diet.  After trying it all, she thought, ” hey, why not?”

The rest is history. The diet did more than help her endometriosis. We caught up with Murnane so she could fill us in on her journey of her new outlook on food and taking care of yourself – oh yeah, did we mention she totally changed Lena Dunham’s life?!

You’re open about your endometriosis and how changing your diet changed your life. What gave you the courage to speak out to the world about it?

I’m not really one to hold anything back! And I’m not sure if it was courage, it was more my desire to help as many other women as possible. 1 in 10 women suffer from endometriosis and it takes an average of 10 years to be diagnosed. I really wanted to raise more awareness about this disease. And although there is no cure for endo, if making a diet change could help another woman manage her pain and symptoms even just a little, it was something I had to share.

Has changing your diet effect your skin and hair?

My diet has definitely changed my skin. It’s so much for bright and youthful. It’s also made my eyes so much more wide and happy, too. I used to walk around like a zombie before I changed my diet, now I feel like my eyes are wide open.
Some of us aren’t too savvy in the kitchen … what advice do you have for beginner cooks?
Just start! Like everything in life, it takes practice. I used to be the worst cook in the world. I couldn’t even cook rice. But when I actually found a reason to cook (to manage my endo symptoms), it made cooking so much meaningful and less annoying to me. If you are a beginner cook, you’re going to mess up and that’s ok. There’s always another meal to practice with tomorrow. Just have fun with it and don’t take it too seriously.
You have a book out that even Lena Dunham has read. What inspired you for your book? 
After seeing such a significant change that real food made for me, I wanted to share it with the world. When I had to change my diet, I didn’t want to. I fought it pretty hard. But by doing it, I was able to avoid getting a hysterectomy. So … I slowly came around to it. Seriously, you would think with being able to avoid a major surgery that I’d be accepting of that change. But it was just so hard. I had no idea what to eat, how to cook, and how not to feel like an outcast in social situations because of my diet. Six years later, I’ve learned so much and could never imagine eating any different.
I wanted to create a cookbook and a movement (One Part Plant = eating one plant-based meal a day) so no one ever had to feel the frustration and sadness I did about changing a diet change.
Do you have one favorite recipe from your book?
Probably the Creamy Mushroom Lasagna. It’s definitely the most shared recipe on Instagram too!