You Can Now Use Social Media to Register to Vote

With the 2016 presidential election quickly approaching and debate season in full effect, social media is making it easier than ever for millennials to register to vote. Although traditional ways of registering to vote still exist (mail-in, standing in ridiculously long lines at the DMV, etc.), both Snapchat and Facebook have recognized the importance of the upcoming election and are offering easier ways for their users to register to vote. The processes are seamless and can be completed faster than you can voice text your best friend about what she missed at the kickback last night.

On Snapchat:

Snapchat partnered with Turbovote, a registration and voter information non-profit, created by Democracy Works to offer a simple, step-by-step tutorial for first time registrants. Any Snapchat user in the U.S. who is 18 and older and eligible to vote can view registration ads between Snapchat Stories and discover. By clicking on the short clips, which feature familiar faces like Jared Leto, Ciara, Ryan Seacrest and the Rock, users will be directed to a voter registration mobile webpage within the app that’s powered by TurboVote. From there, they’ll be able to register without ever departing the app. The Snapchat voter registration campaign will last until Oct. 7 and also offers resources for users who need to fill out absentee ballots. 

On Facebook:

Thanks to a new chatbot tool called “HelloVote,” you can now register to vote via Facebook or text message. And unlike certain apps and services that are solely available for Apple OR Android users, anyone with access to a smartphone can utilize this service. Future voters can register by texting HELLO to HelloVote (384-387) or messaging it via Facebook Messenger to begin the process. From there, new voters will be asked to fill out a sequence of questions pertaining to their basic information (name, mailing address, and so forth). If your state accepts instant registration, you will receive your forms right away, via e-mail. And if you don’t have access to a printer, they’ll send you a paper copy with a stamp included. All you’ll need to do from there is mail it in! On the flip side, if your state does not accept instant registration, HelloVote will send the completed form by mail, with a pre-addressed stamped envelope to send to your local Board of elections. So as you can see, you really have no excuse not to register!

No matter where or how you’re considering voting, we encourage everyone who’s eligible to rock the vote. The fate of the country is depending on you!