WTActualF: If You Haven’t Seen What Messed Up Thing Revolve Did, Here It Is

Revolve is in some hot, no – boiling, no – scalding water again. It might sound crazy, or maybe it doesn’t at all to you. 

It seems fashion brands all over are seeing the importance of inclusion. But Revolve went the opposite direction and us and the world are all confused.

When LPA created sweatshirts with Revolve, we are assuming inclusion is what they were going for. They made five sweatshirts with an idea behind them. The statement tops were made with quotes said to famous women. These include Lena Dunham (“Horrible Result of Modern Feminism”), Suki Waterhouse (“If you translated a bum onto her face, she’d have a better face”) and Cara Delevingne (“Too boney to be boned”). Under the quotes, the top reads, “As said to” with an Instagram handle.

LPA founder Pia Arrobio is pretty close to all these girls. Trying to recreate something awesome and a movement seemed like a great idea.

But here’s when things went terribly wrong.

Yesterday (Sept. 12), the sweatshirt is worn by a thin white model. It read, “Being fat is not beautiful, it’s an excuse.” Seeing this put people to shock. The message was completely taken out of context and the entire campaign loses everything it had in mind. Did we mention that the sweatshirt only went up to a XL?

After the release, LPA took to social media to defend themselves and let everyone know WTF was up.

LPA responded to @florencegiven on IG stating it a nightmare. Uh, yes, we can agree. The brand claims the nearly $200 shirts are to benefit charity and weren’t even suppose to launch yesterday or in the manner it was. It was supposed to be a project with the women who were part of it, but Revolve leaked the product. Here’s the order of IG events and how it all went down.


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ITS BEEN CANCELLED! Yesterday I posted a screenshot of this jumper calling out @revolve – within minutes the brand was in contact with me and the listings were taken off the site – a few hours later it’s all over the news and @lpa decided to pull the distasteful collection COMPLETELY…We did this!!! • However, the fashion world still has a problem with fat bodies. There is still an eating disorder inducing narrative that is being filtered through our every day lives in advertising that says you CANNOT be happy the way you are, because there are industries that rely on your self doubting COIN! Speaking of which, Insatiable just got picked up for Season 2 despite it being rated the worst Netflix original series ever…what does that tell you about Netflix? I am done

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A further statement was released which said:

What was conceived as a statement on today’s internet culture and its treatment of women has gone terribly wrong. We at LPA were so honored when Lena Dunham agreed to work with us on this capsule collection and, most importantly, thrilled at the exposure our work would give to such a serious issue. We coordinated each aspect of the collection itself, to the chosen quotes to the design. We were proud of our final product, the conversation it would start and — most importantly — the direct effect it would have on such an impactful charity in “Girls Write Now.” Where we faltered was not intention, sincerity or conception, but in my own lack of communication that lead to how the collection was portrayed on Revolve.com and the pre-mature release of the e-commerce imagery, a day prior to launch. We were planning to launch with an image of Lena in the sweatshirt along with our statement and explanation. I cannot apologize enough to my good friend Lena, and others, to all of LPA’s fans. We work hard to make the right choices every day, understanding the platform and the opportunity that we are lucky enough to have, and we are so sorry to have let you all down.
We know the quotes within the collaboration were shocking, which was entirely the point. To spotlight how we’ve normalized the way we bully and speak negatively to one another via the internet.
Given this controversy, we support Revolve.com and join them in their removal of the collection from our site. We are also proud to make our own donation to “Girls Write Now” — in honor to their commitment to this admirable cause.

So how can you help with things like this? Participate in our #ReflectMeLike campaign. WRUW demands inclusion. We can’t let things like this continue to happen in the fashion and creative world. Get more involved by reading this.