RIP: 4 Possible Plots We Wish Could’ve Happened in ‘Sex and the City 3’

Word on the street is that Big would have been killed off in the Sex and the City 3 film.

Cause of death? A heart attack while in the shower. (aww) Although it’s a little extreme, it would have made sense due to BIg having heart complications in season 6 and ultimately getting heart surgery. We all saw how even more dramatic and sensitive that made Carrie. A whole movie about her coping from his death would be more depressing. And honestly, the Carrie-and-Big-never-ending-up-together storyline is a little played.

Not only do we really just want to see Carrie and Big finally just grow older together, if Big would have died, the movie would also only focus on Carrie. SATC fans are rooting for the movie to happen to see the women back together again, in their golden years, serving looks, and where their lives are now.

Unfortunately, our dream of seeing the women together again came to a screeching halt when news came out that Kim Cattrall was completely over being Samantha Jones in the new movie. Even worse, fans learned that Kim and SJP’s real-life relationship was less than peachy behind-the-scenes. Like, okay…ouch! We’re still processing that.

Anyway, because we respect Miss Kim’s decision to not be down to play the role of Samantha Jones at this stage in her life, here are some of our dream storylines that don’t include Sam–we still love you though!

1. Introduce a WOC character that maybe replaces Samantha Jones 

In an interview, Kim Cattrall mentioned that the movie can go on without her. Analyzing the show from the 2018 perspective, we see how non-inclusive the franchise was most of the time. Which is why when Kim Cattrall also suggested to the show’s producers that maybe they should add an African-American or Hispanic woman to the show, we were all ears. Maybe we see Samantha retired, living in a fabulous condo in a different city, single, and happy as ever as we meet her hot, WOC, power b*tch protege. Carrie and the girls take her under their wing for the summer.

2. Miranda dabbles in politics like Cynthia Nixon IRL

How perfect is it that Cynthia Nixon is running for mayor of New York? If that isn’t the most Miranda Hobbes thing she could do, idk what is. It’s already been said that Miranda was the most socially progressive one on the show anyway–so yes, please!

3. Carrie adapts to the digital age.

This should be interesting as it took Carrie so long to even get a cell-phone in the series and also she couldn’t work Samantha’s iPhone 3G in the 2008 movie (LOL). I’d love to see Carrie emerge back into it-girl ..or–woman territory in the journalism/fashion world in the age of bloggers and fashion influencers. She has Vogue under her belt so this makes all the sense, don’t @ me!

4. #WokeCharlotte

Thanks to @everyoutfitonsatc, we have the brilliant #WokeCharlotte memes. They are basically re-written lines of Charlotte putting the characters in check when they say something problematic that reaks of white female privilege. Kristin Davis even approves of #WokeCharlotte IRL so it’s perfect to bring her to life for the new movie. Maybe she has to really address race head-on when her adopted Asian-American daughter is becoming older and more aware of her ethnicity. I could see her involved in women, gay and trans rights activism; especially with having Anthony as a bestie. It would be impossible to not address these things in 2018.


While we’re not sure if we’ll ever get to plan that GNO to the movies to see ‘Sex and the City 3’, we’re gonna keep sipping a cosmo and watching re-runs in the meantime–let’s hope not for long. *Crosses fingers*