Sabrina Bryan’s Wedding: Which Cheetah Girl By Her Side?

They’re Cheetah Girls Cheetah sisters – as the song goes. And for Sabrina Bryan’s wedding, that still held true. The Cheetah Girls star got married on October 6, and had one bestie right by her side.There were 160 guests, and Kiely Williams was one of Sabrina’s matrons of honor. Awww …. Sabrina states Kiely was an amazing matron by her side. She adds she was with her every step of the way of getting married. If that’s not cute enough for you, just wait until what Sabrina told People about her wedding.

Jordan Lundberg and Sabrina met through a mutual friend and the rest was history.

“Jordan and I have dreamed about this day for a long time,” Bryan said to People. The two married in an outdoor ceremony which was “romantic glamour-themed.” Bryan even took part on a Say Yes To The Dress episode, but went with a custom dress by Hayley Paige. The dress was much more fairytale-inspired that Sabrina had always wanted. “It’s glitzy and dramatic and a once in a lifetime dress,” Bryan explained.

Bryan is ready for their journey ahead.

“What I am looking forward to in marriage is simply a deepening of our love for each other. Stepping into a new season of life with our marriage means starting our forever together with new beginnings. Regardless of what happens, I will always have Jordan by my side and that makes me feel like I can take on the world. We are also looking towards the future and someday starting a family of my own which I am thrilled about. But for now, I’ll enjoy being a wife.”

How fricking cute is that. Her statement also reminds us to enjoy what is not and to not fast forward to all the thoughts in our head.

“After our first year together, I knew he was the one.” Bryan explained. “Now, seven years later, we knew it was the perfect time for us to start a new chapter. We are blessed to have enjoyed many precious memories together and are excited to begin our adventures as husband and wife.”

You can get the full scoop about Sabrina Bryan’s wedding at People.