OMG It’s Back: 10 ‘Scandal’ Looks We Love To Celebrate

Need new work wear inspo? It’s handled.

Fall is here and so is the return of #TGIT–where we get cozy in front of the TV with a glass of wine, of course, to tune in to America’s favorite legal drama, Scandal. Thank you, Shonda Rhimes!

Olivia Pope puts the ‘boss’ in bossy as she carries D.C. on her back as a gladiator and fixer; keeping The White House afloat and taking down government threats.  Between the suspenseful twists and turns and ‘OMG’ love scenes, Olivia’s wardrobe is just as buzz worthy and worth tuning in to see. There’s always that one hit piece Kerry Washington wears that becomes a Google search the next day.

In earlier seasons, Olivia’s  aesthetic came in neutral tones; her signature style is always a killer power suit, chic coats and layers, sky high pumps and a dreamy Prada bag.  With a wardrobe setting high standards for the next season to follow, there’s a process and an endless amount of options to consider.

”We have a fitting every week—we’re in the room alone together and I usually have about five or six racks of clothing, depending on how many changes she’ll have,” costume designer Lyn Paolo explains to FashionWeekDaily.  We talk about the script. If she has seven changes [for example], we’ll start with what is happening with Olivia and how we want to express that. It’s very much a discussion and we relish those moments together.”

As Scandal comes to an end in this final season 7, we can’t help but to round up some iconic working woman looks that Olivia Pope gave us. Here are our favorite fashion moments from the show!