Science Says These Are The Feelings You Get When You Want A Long-Term Relationship With Someone

These days, we confused ourselves easily when it comes to love and relationships. So how do those who have been together 20+ years keep the fire alive?

According to Psychology Today, a study published by the Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience investigated which brain regions are hooked up with log-term romantic love – none of that f*ckboy stuff. The study involved looking at long-term married couples as well as early-stage romantic love.

The experiment showed that you can be just as in love as you were early on in the relationship. “We found many very clear similarities between those who were in love long-term and those who had just fallen madly in love,” says Dr. Aron. “In this latest study, the VTA showed greater response to images of a long-term partner when compared with images of a close friend or any of the other facial images.”

The study measured the long-term relationships and new with measurements on passion, obsession, closeness, friendship, inclusion of the partner in the concept of the self, and sexual frequency. The conclusion? The feeling of intense passion is what can lost in long-term relationships.

So what are the signs that you might be going the long and never-ending route with someone? The study says:

Craving for union.

Focused attention.

Increased energy with the partner.

Motivation to do things that make the partner happy.

Sexual attraction and thinking about the partner when apart.

In other words, they motivate you, make you listen, make you want to be a better person all while def wanting sex. So before anyone tries to get you down and tell you that long-term relationships don’t exist – just remember – science proves it!