Wait, The Hello Kitty Clothing Collection Is Actually Pretty Dope

Almost everyone in the world knows what Hello Kitty is. When we first found out the famous cat was getting a clothing line, we were a little skeptical. Would it be juvenille? How much cat can you possibly put on a piece of clothing? Well, we were totes wrong because it’s pretty lit.

Lazy Oaf, a UK clothing company made the cat chic AF by incorporating the brand with the latest trends. The line consists of items like a sweet pink denim jacket, amazing bib overalls (both in dress style and in shorts), flawless gingham pants with the perfect amount of kitty flare, a gorgeous red color rugby dress and so much more.

Lazy Oaf is carrying the looks, but you can also get them on ASOS (YASS!). Check out the purr-fect looks below and shop them now.