Sh*t It’s Cold! The Best Puffer Coat Street Style At NYFW

New York fashion week is in full force. Despite the freezing weather, every influencer, celeb and fashion lover has looked pretty freaking dope. But hey, this is NYFW, what else would you expect?

While everyone puts a unique spin to their #ootd, puffer jackets were just one of the most chic and practical pieces seen so far. The chunky jacket made for the focal point of each ensemble, and every attendee styled it uniquely different. It was spotted in bold colors like orange and red, as well as prints of camoflague and florals.  If you don’t believe us, seriously take one scroll through IG and we can guarantee you’ll 100p see all your fav influencers keeping warm in a puffer.

Whether you want it as puffy and big as it gets or want a crop style , you can’t go wrong. Our fav part about the trend? It can work for any occasion – throw it on with your joggers and fav Champion sweatshirt, or wear it over your a dress – the possibilities are endless when it come to its versatility – and NYFW!

We don’t know about you, but we’re ready to slide into this look faster than any of our Ubers are going to arrive Check out our fav looks from NYFW below.