Forever 21 Changes Its Return Policy (Finally!)

Forever 21 heard our cries and moans and finally revaluated their return policy.

We’lll be the first to admit we have a love/hate relationship with the store, but our love just grew a little more. The store now allows a full refund to your original form of payment within 30 days from the puchase date.

Prior to this, we only received store credit back from all our impulse purchases and had to return the item in 21 days.

“One of the key successes we’ve had as a company is adapting to change and listening to our customers needs and wants,” Linda Chang, VP of merchandizing at Forever 21, told Refinery29. “Updating our return policy is something we are pleased to give our customers in order for them to have the best shopping experience possible.”

So go ahead, use that retail therapy – without the credit anxiety.