4 Ways To Have A Social Media Cleanse

Sometimes, you just need a social media cleanse. Social media can be an amazing way for us to keep relevant, current and connect us with amazing people and inspiration. But it can also take up all our time and mentally drain us.Many of us would love to take a break from social media, but for many of us in the creative industry, it’s not possible. Why? Because our jobs require us to do exactly what we said above. Be relevant, know what’s happening around us, and get inspired. Not only that, but if you’re running any type of your own business, you HAVE to keep up on social media trends and be in the know.

But even if social media is a must in your life, there are times it’s good to take a break and cleanse yourself. Sometimes are minds get so into it, we don’t even realize it. It’s so important to take self care of yourself, and that includes only focusing on you and not social media. Social media for some people is an actual ADDICTION. You would be amazed if you saw the daily number of hours people spend on it.

While we aren’t against social media, it’s good like everything else to balance.

Here are four cleanses to try if you think social media might be messing with your vibes or focus.

Set times to view: If work is a focus or you simply want to try social media less, this one is for you. We suggest setting two times a day, or even once if you can do it. Try the morning, afternoon or night and stick with a time. Those are the times you can look at social media. Try sticking with the discipline that if you miss it, then you can’t look. That will help you stick to your guidelines and free your mind a little more.

Get rid of it for a month: This sounds crazy, but trust us. this is totally doable and if you have this option, it’s the best one. Taking a month off social media can do a lot for you. We suggest deleting the apps from your phone to discourage any temptation. With social media, we sometimes get in a rut of “I NEED to see Instagram, today.” We seriously think our brain can’t live without it. This method gives you the biggest form of weight off your shoulder. If you get a sense of craving, try reading something online or a book that isn’t on social media.

Don’t allow yourself to be on it any time you’re eating, with another human or are walking: Many times we get on our phone because a friend is on theirs or needs to take a phone call. How weird is it that we expect to be on the phone because they are? If another human is in the room, take your social media cleanse. This is a great way to become a better listener and live in the present. Eating is another great time to not be on the phone. Live in the moment, enjoy the moment and food. We said to avoid social media while walking because it gives you time to learn how to think without it. See what your mind does when you are usually on social media. Let it find other ways to find inspiration around you.

Pick a day every week that is not allowed for social media: Choosing weekends or a weekend day are best for this. Your mind can become a little more free. Especially if you aren’t working weekends. A full day sometimes is all you need, just like a mental health day when stress is hitting. We guarantee your weekends or day feels much longer and more productive with this social media cleanse technique.

If you’re wondering if you spend too much time on social, there’s an app for that. You can get the app RescueTime, which tells you how much time you are on an app. You can also use certain apps like Freedom that block your use of social websites if your addition is too big. It sounds crazy. but they exist for a reason.

Remember, social media is never a quick fix. If you feel anxious, have something on your mind, or are going through something, scrolling through your phone isn’t going to help most likely. You might find an article or quote that resonates. But you also may not give yourself real time to think. We’re sure if you try one of these more work gets done. You also enjoy more conversations in real life (because you’re forced to ask what they were doing instead of seeing their story, and real time. How do you social media cleanse? Tell us in our comments section below!

By Staci Wuokko