OMG: This Fashion Stat On Photos And Outfits Will Blow Your Mind

Will you wear an outfit more than once if it’s been posted on social media?A study by Environmental Audit Committee found that of 2,000 people, 10 would throw away an item after being photoed online after three times. Like, WHAT. They survey also revealed one in five throw their clothes in the trash than give to charity.

Spokeswoman Victoria Hunt-Taylor said: “MPs are now citing the fashion industry as one of the major causes of greenhouse gases and this should be a catalyst for companies plus consumers to act now to protect the planet.”

She added that  “300,000 items of clothing end up in UK landfill every year. And yes, we’re a nation who loves fashion, but we also need to make more sustainable and eco-conscious fashion choices,.

Listen, we totally get not posting a photo in the same outfit twice. But, actually not wearing it ever again, is crazy to us! Do you throw out or hang on to your clothes based on your social media and photos?

By Staci Wuokko