Spice Up Your Brunch Game Look


We all grew up knowing which Spice Girl we were. If you hung out with the guys, that made you Sporty. If you were too girly to handle, you were Baby. If you were wild and bold, you were either Ginger or Scary. And, of course, if you were the leader of the pack, you were most definitely Posh. Now that we’re a bit older and not waking up from dancing to “Wannabe” all night (or maybe you still do), the weekends are filled with brunching, sipping and strutting the outfit that took us over two hours to pick out. Why not get a bit nostalgic and channel your inner Spice Girl this weekend? Here are a few outfit impersonations we picked out to Spice Up Your Life!

Sporty Spice

If Sporty Spice is your Saturday morning spirit animal, try the basics: black and white colors, boyfriend jeans, or joggers. As for sporty accessories? Nothing beats a classic tennis shoe, a shoulder bag, and some minimalistic jewelry.

Baby Spice

We recommend ditching the pigtails, but anything pastel colored and girly falls into the Baby Spice category. This look definitely calls for a dress or white pants, some great wedges or heels, and the best pink lip to top it off.

Ginger Spice

Ginger Spice represents the girl who is both bold and eccentric. The best way to accomplish this aesthetic is by mixing bright colors and patterns. Most importantly, you’ll want to include a pair of wild statement shoes to complete this look.

Posh Spice

This is the most lavish look of all of the girls. Posh’s style is chic and luxurious. Solid neutrals are the perfect way to fulfill this style. You can’t go wrong with a classic pair of pumps and simple jewelry to top off the look.

Scary Spice

Two words sum up this girl: wild and fearless, which is why the incorporation of bold animal prints or camouflage is a necessity to pull off this look. We suggest rocking prints anywhere from your jacket to your pants to bring out your inner Scary Spice.

*All Courtesy Photos