#StayInYourLane: Things to Know About Finding A Career You Love

WTF am I doing with my life?

I’m not doing enough.

I HATE my job. What do I do?

I just wanna start my career and live like Rihanna is that too much to ask? 

…Ok  that’s probably reaching for the stars but you get what I’m saying.  We’ve all been at this point, or maybe are at this point in life, just trying to figure it all out.

Some days we’re happy and feeling as ambitious as Beyonce. Other days we’re sleeping in and mindlessly scrolling on our phones for hours at a time. Balance.


Being 20-something is like being on a never-ending quest to get your shit together and find stability.

With people literally making money off their social media personas and followings, it’s understandable why finding a quick come up seems like a good idea. No shade, but we can’t all be Instagram girls selling tea, lashes, or just posting endless selfies hoping some brand will send free shit.  If you’re only chasing a career for the money and clout, it’ll be a waste of time longterm because you didn’t have passion for it to sustain you.

Maybe that one girl you follow started selling t-shirts and now has a successful e-commerce business. Or someone you know quit their job and bossed up on their own–now you’re feeling like you  want to drop everything and start a business tomorrow.

All I ever see on social media nowadays are people sanctimoniously preaching about ditching your 9-5s to work for yourself, while it’s amazing to see our generation become entrepreneurs in their own right, it is easier said that done, especially if you want longevity. There’s a misconception that being an entrepreneur means being wealthy and having loads of freedom, which is definitely not the case.

If you don’t want to be an entrepreneur, you could still live your best life! Don’t believe the hype.  That said, one thing to remember is: What works for someone else may not necessarily work for you. If you want mentally rewarding success, do what you’re passionate about and what you’re skilled at. Having that drive is always going to keep you motivated and make you stand out.

If you don’t know what that is, that’s okay, many people don’t yet. However, it won’t come to you if you aren’t actively putting yourself out there, trying new activities and hobbies and finding what you enjoy. Once you’ve taken the time to discover new things and know what you want to pursue, think about these tips on how to dive into your career:

1. Network with a purpose: As old as the quote goes , ”It’s not what you know its who you know” , it gets more relevant over the years. Whether you have a degree or not, it is always important to expand your network as it relates to your career. Go to events with a purpose, follow people that inspire you and even slide in a few DMs to connect with others on Insta and LinkedIn, with the right etiquette of course.

2. Don’t have too much pride to pay your dues: Interning and volunteering is crucial in creative careers. You never know where it’ll take you, which is the exciting part. Take it from an intern-turned full time editor and social media manager, it’s definitely possible to work your way up! Working for free may not sound ideal when broke AF, but the opportunities and experience you get is always worth it.  Think of it this way—you wouldn’t make a guy your boyfriend without requiring him to put in effort to earn your trust, right? It may sound a little extreme, but it’s a commitment and that’s the way business owners think about it. Prove to them with your bomb work ethic why they need to hire you and then make yourself irreplaceable.

3. Cultivate real relationships: When you make a connection, focus on genuinely fostering them and not just because what the person could do for you. Be an opportunist, but don’t use people. *Insert Tyra Banks meme*.


When I’m running a little low on motivation, I like to listen to podcast for a boost on the go. Check  these out–gems dropping on the daily!

  1. Myleik Teele’s MyTaughtYou Podcast
  2. #GirlBoss Radio 
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