The T-Shirt Dress Is The Secret On Staying Cool & Stylish This Summer

A t-shirt dress is the sh*t this summer, not because it looks sexy, but mainly because who the heck wants to wear pants, any ways?

There’s multiple reasons why we all can’t get enough of a good t-shirt dress. For one, they are the easiest thing to style ever. Throw on sneakers, heels, combat boots or whatever you want, because most likely, it’ll all go with the street style vibe. Secondly, they’re a must when it’s hot af. You’re basically leaving the house naked – no, seriously. The hotter it is, the more light weight material you need.

So how do you shop for the perfect t-shirt dress? There are multiple ways to go about this. First, you can search for stores like Missguided and Forever 21 that actually sell “t-shirt dresses.”

Secondly, you can shop in the men’s department and search for a larger size. Then slip it on to see if it fits correctly as a t-shirt dress. Finally, you can simply search for oversized t-shirts any where you go. From thrift stores to the mall, all you need is it to be long enough to cover your booty to make the outfit look legit.

We love that it shows off your legs, elongating your stems, and is the perfect alternative for when you don’t feel like putting together an entire ensemble. Plus, both men and women think it’s totally sexy and chic.

If you’re trying to take your look up to another street style level with a t-shirt dress, pair the piece with socks. We know what you’re thinking … uh, socks? But with the 90s trends hotter than ever, socks have gone from being seen under our shoes to part of an important accessory. Seriously, your socks can now make or break your IG post. Not only are they an addition to your whole look, but they are v European chic. You’ll see the street style all over the country. From Riri to Gigi, it’s a trend and look you need to get down with.

So what’s the best way to pull off the t-shirt dress trend? We rounded up some of our favorite inspo photos, so they can pave the way for your own look. Check them out below.