Taking A Bath Burns This Many Calories?!


Remember when we dreamed relaxing would burn calories? Well, our lazy girl dreams have just come true.

According to Dr. Steve Faulkner, a researcher at Loughborough University, taking hot baths are just as efficient as a 30 minute walk.

His team monitored the effect a hot bath had on blood sugar control and the number calories burned. They allowed 14 people to soak in a bath for an hour at 104 degrees – ugh, why weren’t we part of this study? – and compared it to an hour long bike ride.

“The overall blood sugar response to both conditions was similar, but peak blood sugar after eating was about 10% lower when participants took a hot bath compared with when they exercised,” Dr. Faulkner explained.

While the bike ride burned more calories, the bath still burned a whopping 130 calories.

Next time you can’t hit the gym, ditch your running shoes for a bath bomb instead.