Your Target Store Addiction Might Be Cured With Their Next-Day Delivery

The struggle is real – you know, when you walk into Target only needing ONE thing, but then the $1 row grasps your attention, and the next aisle, and the next, and the next … Before you know it, your $10 run turned into a $200 one. If you’re suffering from Target store addiction, you’re not alone, and don’t be scared, because there might be a cure coming soon near you.

Business of Fashion reported a Minnesota retailer is trying out next-day delivery in Minneapolis this summer to help promtoe its e-commerce, and compete with online stores like Amazon. According to the article, customers with a Target credit card will be the first to try out the next-day delivery option. Target noted that items ordered online, including your everyday essentials like coffee and laundry detergent, will be shipped from a nearby store so it can get to you ASAP.  Even better, if you need an outfit last minute, you can shop online opposed to entering the store and coming out with a billion other things we don’t really have any use for.

“We want to provide more options to shop Target, and we believe many guests will appreciate the ease of shopping all their favorite essentials online and the convenience of next-day delivery,” a spokesperson said. “Target can provide industry-leading service and value with Target Restock thanks to our assortment and using stores to deliver orders faster than our rivals.

Makeup, clothes, shampoo & conditioner … we can only hope our Target cure comes through – no pressure, Minneapolis!