Taylor Swift Could’ve Made The Coolest Fashion Statement Ever Had She’d Done This

OMG, OMG, OMG – Taylor Swift finally announced her slithering news.

Unless you are living under a rock, you probably heard that Taylor Swift is dropping her latest single TONIGHT (August 24).

The singer teased all her fans by completely blacking out all her social media accounts and website. Finally, she began slowly releasing videos of a snake and the name of her upcoming album, Reputation.

We don’t know how long Taylor has had this up her sleeve for, but we have a feeling it’s been brewing for awhile. Which leads us to a blast from the past outfit. Exactly almost one year ago, Swift wore some amazing Gucci sneakers.

But here’s where she could have done something even sneakier than delete her social media accounts. We went back and sorted through Swift’s kicks to see if she ever donned Gucci’s trendy snake sneakers to foreshadow her music. Unfortunately, she only rocked The Ace embroided Gucci version.

Sigh …

While there’s SO many more things to creep on about Tay, we’ll be sure to start noticing her shoes to see if she sneaks in the Ace snakes anytime soon. Check out all her options below.