Taylor Swift’s Got A Blank Space Everywhere: But You Have To See This!

Taylor Swift has gone M.I.A. from all social media accounts, wiping out all content and her fans wanna know WTF is going on. After winning her sexual assault case against David Mueller, and facing the aftermath of the Snapchat drama with Kim Kardashian over Kanye’s controversial ”Famous” song lyrics, we’re speculating that she could be ready for a new chapter. Fans are in between feeling excited at the possible album on the way, or feel a suspicious hacking took place.

There has also been proof from DirectTV’s guide, Tay Tay will be on GMA … Another coinicidence? We are just days away from MTV’s VMA’s …. AND … It’s her 3 year anniversary of her album 1989 … this  doesn’t sound like a hack – this sounds like Swift’s genius, #bosslady marketing! Whatever the case may be, we’re sure it’s something brilliant because it’s Taylor, duh. Wiping the slate clean and starting over every once in a while is the story of every 20-something, and it’s going to make for possibly her best album yet!

With every woman’s reinvention of herself comes an evolved personal style, and we’ll definitely be waiting to see her possible new look.  For now, here are a few Taylor Swift looks we love!