The 6 People You Meet At Every Fashion Event

We’ve all attended are fair share of events – and we all have probably come accustomed to the regulars that we find at every single one. No, we aren’t talking about seeing the same people at every event, we just mean the same type. From the one who is on their phone snapping photos nonstop to the person you get stuck in an hour conversation with – here are six people you meet at every fashion event.


The Instagrammer: This person is all about the photo and has no shame asking you to take their photo multiple times at different angles up until they get the perfect shot and you miss the whole event. Their photo is edited and up and with 200 likes by the time they leave. If they have loads of followers, they most likely are getting a lot more attention than the norm. But hey, some just gotta do it for the ‘gram.

The Newbies: These people are stoked to be at the event more than anyone. They’re smiling, sending Snaps of it, letting everyone know they are there. If you catch convo with them, they’ll tell you just how pumped they are to be there. They love talking to people at an event and explaining what they do.

The Editors: The editors aren’t at the event to chill and relax – oh no, they’re working. Whether it’s for social media or an article, their phone is out and they are typing notes as fast as they can about what is happening in order to create content. They aren’t there to mingle much and they definately try to avoid conversation with a newbie.

The Beneficials: These people are only there to see if there is free food, who they can meet and free drinks. If the event doesn’t have free food or drinks, you can expect them to get the f out of there real fast. They usually bring one friend and don’t ever come alone no matter what the rules are. They’re usually the first people to leave and only chat with you if you could benefit themselves in some way with their own networking party.

The Designer Snob: You might be in a casual chill convo, but this person has name dropped their expensive designer duds at least three times in one paragraph. Not only that, but they like to explain what makes their Louis so different than another Louis -no one has the one they have (or so they think in their head). Example: I love this bag because it’s Gucci, but it doesn’t have the logo all over it. Okay, we get it.

The ‘I’m Broke AF But Love Fashion’-ers: These people are just there to have fun and really soak in what is going around them. They don’t mind making friends and roll up in a cheap af outfit that looks like a million bucks. Most likely, everyone is complimenting their look and style and they have zero shame telling everyone it’s from Forever21. They overuse the word “goals,” and and “jealous.” If you can’t make it, fake it.