Must-Have Accessories To Make Your Outfits More Complete

We all have our go-to looks– black and bold, chic neutrals or lots of colors on the reg. No matter your style, career, time of day, event, etc., accessories are forever a dope way to amp up your wardrobe. When you’re busy AF, or you happen to lose all of your cutest trinkets, choosing the right accessories can be overwhelming. We’ve broken down the best picks for accessories we’ll be adding to our A-list outfits this fall.


The best part about jewelry is how versatile it is. If you are new to the jewel game, we recommend by going for simplicity and minimalist. It makes for a great aesthetic, and also IG photo, TBH. For example, add a small necklace to your daily outfit to see if you like it.

Stackable bracelets and necklaces are the fashion girl essential. Layering any sort of jewelry is always a fashion-forward (and super easy)trend. There’s nothing more game-changing to an outfit than tanned skin and delicate chains!


For us, belts are rarely a tool to hold up our jeans. We’re all obsessed with the coveted double-G Gucci belt, but of course, you don’t need a  designer brand to complete a look! Pair a fun, statement belt with a basic outfit like a white t-shirt and high-waisted jeans and you’ll be looking like a street style star.


Scarves are always good to have on hand. In the spring and summer,  a lightweight scarf is perfect. If the weather is too warm to wear one, a great way to style a scarf is by tying it around your purse straps or by wrapping it around the handle, or to a ponytail looks super trendy as well. When the colder months come along, we cannot get enough use out of all kinds of cozy scarves. Try pairing a blanket scarf over a leather jacket for an effortlessly chic look throughout the fall and winter. Throwing on a scarf over any outfit is easy and always keeps you looking put together.

By Colleen McClintic