Gird Your Loins: ”The Devil Wears Prada” is Coming to Broadway!

via 20th Century Fox

The movie fashion girls have seen at least a dozen times, and may even have the script memorized to a T, is coming back with more fabulous fashion and music!

The film, based on the bestselling novel by Lauren Weisberger was released in 2006 and became a staple in the fashion world. The Devil Wears Prada follows Andy, a post-grad aspiring journalist, who lands a job at a prestigious fashion magazine as a second assistant to the ice cold Miranda Priestly. She struggles to maintain her identity, while also living up to the demanding expectations of her job and boss.

According to various news sources released this Thursday, Elton John will be writing the music, along with playwright Paul Rednick.”Reimagining ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ for the musical theatre is super exciting,” John said in a statement. “I’m a huge fan of both the book and the feature film, and a huge aficionado of the fashion world. I can’t wait to sink my musical teeth into this hunk of popular culture.”

Believe us, we’re on pins and needles for the costume, wardrobe selections and the musical version of Miranda’s iconic ”cerulean” speech.

The show is being produced by Kevin McCollum of Fox Stage Productions and John’s Rocket Entertainment, with the premier date TBA.