The Duster Jacket Is Everything You Need In Life Right Now

There’s something sexy about revealing just the right amount of skin in the summer. And that’s where the duster jacket comes in.

It’s blowing up all over Instagram, being the “it” jacket of the summer. The duster jacket is here to stay, and it’s ready take care of you from work to happy hour. The coat is the perfect night cap for when it gets cooler out, and you look chic AF without trying too hard. Even better? This season, it’s gotten a full upgrade when it comes to both fabric and colors.

From bright and bold tones, to silk and wool, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whether you’re hitting the office, brunch with your besties, or hitting the city on a night out, it’s perfect. Plus, you’re sure to receive mad compliments wearing the piece. It makes you put together, even when your life is a major hot mess, because it adds a sense of sophistication. Additionally, some totally feel like a robe so it’s like wearing your pjs out. Hell. Yes.

Pair it with shorts and a tube top. Or, wear it with jeans and a tank, making a casual look way more rich. You can even throw it over a skirt or your a simple dress to add that extra finesse we all can’t get enough of. The piece also goes with any type of shoe. From heels and sneakers, to combat boots and wedges, so getting ready with it is easy AF. Think of it as the new leather jacket.

Whether you’re running last minute errands in the city or meeting friends out in the night, the jacket is versatile and goes with almost anything. We pulled together some of the sickest street style with the duster jacket so you can get to styling your own ASAP.


By Staci Wuokko