New York Fashion Week’s Biggest Beauty Trends

The fashion and the beauty industries go hand-in-hand; with new seasons come new fashion, as well as beauty trends. And much like the runways predict what we’ll be wearing the next season, makeup artists are responsible for the effortless looks we’ll be not-so-secretly dying to try. Although previous seasons have focused on more natural looks, the SS16 season of New York Fashion Week welcomed bolder lips, seemingly impossible to re-create hair styles, gothic-inspired nails, face jewels and dramatic eyes. Although it’s going to take forever to master Gigi’s perfect glow and the colorful eyeliner seen at DVF, we’re stealing these looks right off the runway and taking note on what our beauty prep is going to look like come spring time. 

Dewy Skin: Although this has been a favorite of the beauty industry for quite some time, this beauty tactic will be stealing the spotlight come spring and that’s why it’s number one on our list! Whether you’re using an amazing moisturizer, a great foundation, your best highlighter, or a combination, you’ll want to spend your snowy months prepping your face!

Grungy Hair: From gelled and scrunched ends, to wet hair and middle parts, grunge is definitely the new “it-girl” look. We can see how well this would pair with our fashion trends from yesterday!

Bold Lips: Bold lips during the spring and summer seasons are just about as groundbreaking as floral prints. However, unlike previous seasons, the ss16 season went for less vibrant and more matte with deeper pinks and rustic reds and oranges. That said, keep your berry colors near because they will be all the rage come spring. 

Colorful Eyeliner: If you’re not scared of a little color, you’ll definitely be down with this trend. Colorful eyeliner swept New York Fashion Week and will slip its way onto the lids of beauty mavens in the soon-to-come months! And if the pictures aren’t telling you, we’ll let you in on a little secret: blues are looking like the color of choice!

Less is More: When we say less is more, we really mean it. While the “natural” look is certainly no stranger to the runway, you can expect it to be in full effect this spring. Although the runways did welcome bolder makeup choices this season, many models premiered even skin tones, clean brows and soft pink lips.

All About The Eyes: Although this version of winged eyeliner is a bit extreme, it can totally bring about some serious eye envy, if drawn correctly. 

Nailed It: While many opt for nudes, pinks and whites during the warmer season, the beauty industry took an entirely different approach on nails this go round and it’s all in the details.

Pretty Ponies: It’s usually in the lazy girl’s guide to automatically put in a pony tail in the morning. However, you won’t want to mistake those pony tails for laziness because chances are, the girl rocking that gorgeous pony had a little extra time on her hands! Pulled back, polished hair is going to be the new everyday look and yes, absolutely we’re thrilled about it.