The Security At Hospitals For Celebs Going Into Labor Like Khloe Kardashian Is Crazy – Or Is It?

Khloe Kardashian gave birth to her daughter in the middle of a scandal with boyfriend Tristan Thompson – drawing even more attention and media to the star.

In the middle of such a media frenzy, we can only imagine what extra precautions had to be taken in the Cleveland hospital in order to make the mom feel safe and more importantly, make her feel that her baby is in the right hands. But how does this really all go down?

According to ET, Khloe arrived with police escorts and secuirty guards were placed in the parking garage, elevators and on her floor at all doors. Visitors even had to check their phones and cameras a the front desk.

While it seems a little extreme, it’s needed for everyone to not be up in your business and know your baby is in a safe place. Mom’s have enough to worry about – but add fame in, and it’s a whole new game.  It’s said that celebrities will delay posting on social or post something that leads to fans thinking they are not in labor any time soon.

On top of a strategy for keeping the news that you’re in the hospital private, there are many times VIP suites involved. Reports claim Blue Ivy’s suite cost more than $1 million to create and rent. The security even caused drama for the couple. Patients were not happy that the maternity ward windows were covered, or that security cameras were covered with paper.

But that’s how it’s all done inside – what happens when it’s time to leave?

Bodyguards are placed and there are sometimes secret entrances created, along with blankets and cloths to cover up the entire family.

So while it may seem extreme, mothers natually always do everything they can for their child and publicity can be a scary and vunerable thing – especially amidst a scandal. We have yet to see a baby photo from Khloe, but knowing her and her momager Kris K, we’re sure it’s going to be flawlessly shared on IG and not leak its way out to any media site.