The Ultimate Fashion-Lover’s Bucket List

When it comes to being fashion-obsessed there are a few things that every fashionista has on their list to cross off . From attending NYFW and visiting fashion capitols, to owning a big girl bag and meeting a favorite designer, there are so many things to do, and so little time! To help you organize some of the best of the best in the style world, we created a bucket list of essentials. 

Visit Prada Marfa – Amazing fashion-inspired art that is in the smack dab middle of no where – making it extra cool and extra IG-worthy.

Attend NYFW – While it looks likeit’s full of glitz and glam, NYFW is anything but – unless you are celebrity! The experience is still worth every second, and it’s vital for every fashion-lover to go and see!

Get a Sex and the City walk-in closet – Seriously, we won’t be 100% until we have a closet that’s just as big as our bedroom.

Buy a Chanel purse – No matter what style you pick, you know you haven’t made it big until you own one of these babies!

Visit vintage stores in Asia – You can find anything from designer brands to super unique pieces that look like a million bucks.

Wearing a fur coat in Paris – Of course you’ll want to shop in Paris, but wearing a fur coat in the capitol of fashion is even a bigger deal.

Finding your dream wedding dress – Simple or extravagant, it’s a dream we all have!

Passing on a fashion piece to our daughters – Even if it doesn’t mean the same as it does to you, it’s truly a special moment.

Being featured in a fashion blog or website – Whether you’re at Lollapooloza, coming home from work or visiting NYFW, there’s nothing more flattering than being featured!

Buy a real leather jacket – If you’re lucky, you might even buy it while in Italy! While expensive, it’s a piece you’ll have forever.

Attend a red carpet event – because once you’re out of college, finding a place you can wear a fancy, floor-length gown can be hard.

Shake Anna Wintour’s hand – It would take every ounce of us to hide our inner fan-girl.

Own a Burberry trenchcoat – One of the most iconic coats of all time!

Own a red bottom heel from Christian Louboutin – All designer shoes are great, but there’s nothing like that little red bottom!

Visit Carrie Bradshow’s apartment door – Find it on 64 Perry Street, West Village, New York City, and be sure to take a pic, then cross it off your bucket list.