The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s: 02

Yet another Moody Monday and the come down from the weekend is both true and real. Maybe you danced all night on Friday, caught up with old friends over the weekend, or nibbled on some amazing appetizers and played with pool swans like we did, but trust and believe, we’re feeling the hangover from the weekend, too. Never fear though – we’ve got some tips to keep your monday in order and you feeling rejuvenated in no time! 

1. For those moment’s when you need to cover the designer bags under your eyes: Limited Edition Touche Eclat Collector – $42

If the bags under your eyes are also Dior, you understand that they certainly won’t won’t hide themselves. Even if you are a morning person with bags that resemble the smallest Zara bags or none at all (lucky you), this eye concealer from YSL is for the days when you need to add a little brightness and fake like you received a great night’s sleep.

2. Sometimes, we could all benefit from a little hidden shade: OXYDO Shades

Oxydo shades are as cool as you want to appear on the outside. These shades, with their metal frames and minimal aesthetic are the perfect way to conceal your moodiness on a Monday.

3. A teatox, for when calories and carbs didn’t count over the weekend: 14 Day Teatox Kit – $14

Get rid of the hangover by starting your week right with a Teatox — see what they did there?! Moody or not, Monday’s are the perfect day start a new and improved health routine.

4. Nothing is more chic than a bracelet that also doubles as a phone charger: QBracelet with iPhone Charger – $125

Mondays always seem more susceptible for little mishaps like forgetting your phone charger. This beautiful gem of a bracelet and iphone charger-in-one makes sure that’s at least one thing that won’t go wrong.

5. For those stressful moments when wine isn’t available as an appropriate “medicine”: Louis CK – Oh My God 2XLP – $24.98

If there is anyone more pessimistic than you are on any day of the week it’s Louis CK. Whether you get this sweet vinyl edition or just listen on your cell on the way home, you’ll be crying laughing in no time. Besides a glass of wine, laughter is one of the best Moody Monday medicines we recommend.