The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s: 03

If you live in a city that experiences all four seasons (with summer having a tendency to be the shortest of them all), you’re hip to the game of trying to cram in all the warm weather activities while you still can. So, whether you’ve been watching some classic films at the rooftop cinema club in New York or getting dizzy while watching jets fly across the sky at Chicago’s Air and Water show, Monday probably feels like a black and white tv show, compared to the color pop filled weekend. Here are five not so necessary totally necessary things you need to make your Monday a lot less Moody and whole lot more Colorful.

1. Cute Cloud Alarm Clock – $33

It’s easy to hit the snooze button on your cell phone when you’re not a morning person, but thanks to this cute cloud alarm clock, you’ll be smiling before you’ve had your first sip of coffee.

2. SipxSwell – $25

Speaking of sipping, Target’s new Sip line by Swell is sure to brighten not only your complexion (H20, baby) but also your mood. And, you have the option of drinking it hot or cold, to best stay in tune with your Monday feelings.

3. The Happiness Planner

We know that bullet journaling is in full force this season but what about a Happiness Planner? With geometric pastels and exercises that focus on your mental health, maybe you can keep your Moody Monday in check.

4. Box Set of Mille-Feuille French Macaroons – $11.90

You don’t even have to be in New York or Paris to enjoy Mille-Feuille Macarons. No matter where they’re consumed, macarons always make you seem a little less blah and experience just the right amount of je ne sai quoi to get through a Monday with the energy of a chic French girl. Even better, we guarantee you’ll get major brownie points if you share with your office and boss as well – just in time for those internship reviews.

5. Drink a Diamond Glass Set – $29

Like a diamond in the rough you’ve had a rough Monday – smooth out those edges with a pink cocktail and this cool glass set.