Although a new semester is quickly approaching, for all of the collegiates out there — stay tuned for our back to school style series!, it still feels like we’ve hit burning man weather, here, in Chicago. So, while many of you may be having a great Monday, for those of us that are not particularly partial to hot weather, it’s pretty much misery from the get go. But, on the brighter side, the budding heat wave is hitting right in time for yet another edition of Moody Monday’s.

1. Namaste in Bed Pillow – $31. 95

If our room looked this cozy, we’d have a hard time getting out of bed too – I feel you

2. Original Xiami Portable Flexible USB Mini Fan – $5.83

We aren’t a fan (see what we did there) of sweating while on our morning commute so what better way to beat the heat than with this cute and very functional fan?

3. Surf Spray – 25

If your hair won’t cooperate and decides to be as wild as an EDM baby in XOXO (yes we watched it. No, I cannot get that hour and a half back) just go with the flow and say you did it on purpose. No one will be the wiser and you’ll have one less thing to be moody about.

4. Boxing Classes

We love our carbs way too much to ever truly give them up, however; bloated is never a good look and lack of sleep/stress has been known to cause MBBS (Moody Monday Bitchiness Syndrome). Check out your local neighborhood for boxing classes and get all that pent up frustration out and a slammin bod too. If it works for GiGi it works for us. Hmmmm maybe we should take our own advice!

5. SHOWKOO Smart Luggage – $300 (On Sale!)

With luggage that looks this good and smart, you won’t have any issues packing for that last minute trip before your fall semester or even better, for New York Fashion Week.