The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s: 06 (Your New Sunday Routine)

Photo Courtesy of Kasuma

Some Monday’s you seem to have it all together and on others, the pieces just don’t fit. You go to bed at a reasonable hour on Sunday, just to wake up at 3:00 AM without being able to fall back to sleep. You’re finally back in REM sleep when your alarm starts buzzing out of control so naturally, you end up hitting the snooze button one too many times. You shake some dry shampoo in your hair, finally get out of your apartment and arrive at the train, only to remember that you left your Ventra card (if you’re in Chicago, like us) who knows where. Needless to say, you’re experiencing the Mondayest Monday ever.

We all know that it sucks when you feel rushed and not together at the start of the week. For some people, losing things is a constant problem, no matter how organized they try to be. Thankfully, the Tile App has got you covered with a genius system to help you track and find your lost items. You can get it for only $24 on amazon, too, which is definitely less money than we’ve dished out on lost train passes.

Today is yet another Moody Monday, and in this post we’re going to explore five ways to improve your Sunday routine so that you can be relaxed and prepared come next Monday. Organization is definitely key, but you don’t have to always do a closet rehaul and create insta worthy snacks for an entire week, in the same day. Much of preparing for a less moodier Monday is being honest with yourself about what you can and cannot accomplish, spending some much needed time with yourself and sticking to your weekly beauty routine. 

And If you thought you were moody, take a look at this 11 year old’s hilarious rendition of the work week. Isn’t 11 a little bit too young to be that cynical or has she got it all figured out? What Sunday routine do you have that makes you feel more on top of your game for the work week? Tweet us your routines and lifehacks at @WRUWPRGirl – we’ll retweet our favs! 


  1. Organize: Prepare for your work week so your Monday is less stressful by doing a quick closet organization. After all, a less cluttered mind is a more peaceful mind. Take time the night before to lay out your outfit so you’re not scrambling last minute on Monday morning.
  2. DIY Gratitude Jar: Here is a mental health trick that won’t break the bank and will give you a fun DIY project to do at the same time. Take a minute each Sunday and write down what you have to be grateful for and put it in your “gratitude jar.” Why stop there? Set aside an adventure fund and emergency fund that you contribute a small amount to every Sunday.
  3. Zaful Workout Top: Still in love with catching your favorite Pokemon and love shopping? You can do both now on Zaful and score cute workout gear for your Sunday yoga session at a discount. We’re more than a little bit shopping addicted so we’ll definitely be wanting to “catch them all.”
  4. Graze Snack Box: More often than not, sometimes we find ourselves just looking at colorful and foodgasm worthy snacks that they make look so easy to prepare. Save yourself the trouble, and get points for having a healthy snack on hand for a mid afternoon pick me up on Monday.
  5. InnisFree Facemask: These face masks are quickly becoming bloggers favorites with their natural ingredients, cute packaging, and for being majorly effective on your skin. Relax and make this a Sunday routine so your skin will thank you come Monday.