The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s: 07 (Dark as Your Soul)

Okay, so we’ll admit that the past few Moody Mondays, while quite moody, have been on the brighter side of things. With the weather finally taking a turn to the dark side we are too. We’ll gladly exchange our bright and airy colors for more muted tones this Fall. This moody Monday has us going to the dark side and we’re more than happy to oblige your extra dark and moody souls with the five things you might want today all of October.

We found the perfect shade of red for those moonlight kisses, thunderstorms that you can bring in your bedroom, ombre knits, an Etsy find that Sylvia Plath would be proud of, and the quintessential goth bath bomb. We are always on the lookout for the perfect brunch/lunch/and dinner spots for our readers. Today’s Moody Monday had us reminiscing about Two Hands Cafe. A New York City and WhatRUWearing favorite, this moody breakfast spot is located at 164 Mott St in Little Italy. Their traditionally presented tea, avocado toast, and beautifully blended acai bowls sit below moodily hung cloud lamps minus the thunder and lighting visuals.

Speaking of thunder and lightening, it has been quite rainy in Chicago for the past couple of weeks and we were inspired to create a Rainy Day indoor and Outdoor WhatRUWearing must have list. Our team has rounded up items from some of our favorite local brands to turn up your rainy day fashion. Stay tuned this week because we may have a special treat giveaway for you!

  1. Richard + Clarkson The Cloud –  Aptly named, the price tag of this cloud goes from an affordable $15 DIY or $3360 purchase. Ever have one of those days when you just need the weather to match your mood? For the DIY version, just grab a Chinese lantern, cotton balls, some LED and string lights and you have your very own thunderstorm.
  2. Black Moon Deranged Lip– $18 We’re wondering if this cosmetics company based their name off of this past Friday’s spooky Lunar event. Either way, we’re obsessed with this dark merlot lip that seems to match perfectly with our Monday Mood, and the inevitable glass of red wine we will be having later on as well.
  3. Mango Ombre Knits – Mango has gotten the whole moody Monday thing down. Models sporting fringe bangs, apathetic stares that lounge in knits so soft and muted that it’s impossible to just pick one.
  4. Black Bath Bomb – $6+ If you haven’t already seen this goth bathtime gem then you’re about to get your mind blown. Unfortunately, the original Bella Muerte version is sold out currently. However, you’re in luck because it makes for a perfect DIY(able) project for your Moody Monday or even this upcoming Halloween needs.
  5. Etsy Typewriters– There is something that is just poetic and moody about typewriters. For those of you that want to get typing immediately make sure to look for “working typewriters” so that you don’t have to replace the ribbon or any of the keys. There is a myriad of options when it comes to typewriters. from your German Olympia models to the Royal Quiet Delux model that was favorited by Hemingway. This one, in particular, whispered to us on this Moody Monday.