The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s: 08 ( Working from Home)

Photo Courtesy Of: Best Friends For Frosting

We would all like to belive that we can look just as relxed and picturesque as the girl above when working from home. Just because you do not work a 9-5 desk job doesn’t mean that the struggle isn’t real. Mondays can be just as grueling and moody even if you do have the luxury of not having to deal with a morning commute. The realization that the case of the Mondays can still affect your entrepreneurial sprits is a reality that doesn’t seem fair. After all, you made it! Not only are you following your dream but you’re not chained to a desk while doing so. Here are our five Moody Monday suggestions to help you get through your day if you work from home.

Working from home is no joke and sometimes you have to work that much harder. Not only are you responsible for your own schedule and business cost, but you also have to manage expectations of your time. Some days the most difficult decision you have to make is if you should get out of your PJ’s (you should) and other days, the hours can wiz by until you have found yourself working a 14 hour day. Doing something you love comes with its ups and downs, but the satisfaction of being your own boss and working with the clients that you set up for yourself is worth it in the end. Maybe you’re a fashion blogger steady gaining a following on Insta, maybe you have started your own youtube channel, or you’ve taken your creative talents to platforms like Etsy. Pushing yourself when you don’t exactly have a clock to punch or a boss telling you what to do can be stressful.

This is especially true in the blogging and insta world, where your picture perfect feed may not reflect the sometimes chaotic and very time consuming process. When it’s your job to make your life seem as easy breezy and beautiful as a Maybelyne Model we tend to forget to let others see the more human aspects of ourselves behind the insta filters. How to deal? See our suggestions below for those working from home Moody Mondays.


  1. Overstock Pax Desk – Unlike the girl in this picture, working from your couch isn’t exactly the most ideal. On Mondays like these, you need to focus, so having a set “work spot” that is seperate from your netflix marathon spot is ideal. Plus this one is under $100
  2. Wire Wall Grid – You can get this beautiful copper version for the low price of $59 at Urban Outfitters or if you’re more like us, you’ll want to take on the money saving, DIY, gratifying, fun project of making it yourself for just $3.
  3. Your Local Stumtown Coffee Shop – While it might be more affordable to just brew it at home, if you work from home sometimes the best thing for your sanity is to get out. Looking to be amoung more creative non 9-5ervs in your area? Buzzfeed has a tounge in cheek but comprensive list of the most “hipster” neihborhoods in your state. Live in Seattle and want to go someplace other than Starbucks? Check out Stumtown Coffee Roasters when you’re in the neihborhood.
  4. Chalkboard Paint– Planning out your day and making a manageble to do list are key when working from home. On Monday’s like these it can seem pretty easy to ignore that list if it’s tucked away. Paint your wall with this chalkboard paint and make it one giant to do list that’ll have you wanting to cross off those items in no time.
  5. Instagram Planner Mosaico App – Wonder how some of those insta feeds look so damn cohesive and perfect? We’ll tell you a little industry secret that is used by bloggers and social media mavens alike. Cut the time in half when planning your insta feed so you can see what works and what doesn’t. Now you can breathe again.