The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Moody Monday’s 13: Cyber Monday RBF

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This moody Monday is giving us a slight case of RBF. While we always love an excuse to shop the best Cyber Monday deals and still have enough money left over for groceries, we think it’s kind of hilarious that brands act like they don’t have sales the other 365 days a year. The best company to prove that people love any excuse to spend money on things you don’t need? The winner by far was Cards Against Humanity with their Holiday Hole Campaign stunt that got people digging a hole in their pockets literally for … nothing. While we totally get it, we’d rather get something for our money – especially if it’ll explain our existential crisis without having to talk. Typically our perpetual resting b*tch face will do, but today we’d like to show you five sarcastic items that even resting b*tch face Kristen Stewart and Victoria Beckham would approve of. Check out our favorites at the jump and blame your evil sarcastic twin if you spend too much money. 

Ever wonder about the science behind resting b*tch face? Yes, they actually spent money to do a study on it. Let’s say this again one more time. Resting b*tch face is a real scientific thing.  This “informative” article explains the cause of the ever pending RBF syndrome. In many enlightening words, people with RFB syndrome show more subtle facial cues for that thing called contempt. Tell us something we didn’t know already. Check out our favorite Moody Monday sarcastic items below!

                    BOY BYE PHONE CASE Like OMG it’s 25% of at Betches – Tell that boy BYE $28 and do the math yourself


Becky’s Coffee, Glossy: $20.99 (15 oz.)The original Queen B would approve of this mug on a moody Monday


20% off site wide at T&J designs today still won’t cure our Resting Brunch Face: $36.00

Etsy Gift Card: $4.50 Christmas is upon us. Here’s the perfect gift card fo those you love to hate and hate to love

zero f*cks cuff bracelet: $20 It’s Cyber Monday why not show how much you don’t give a f*** with this bracelet