The WRUW Girl’s Guide to Spring Shoe Shopping

If you’re anything like us, you understand that the right pair of shoes can legitimately transform your outfit, taking your swag from background singer to Beyonce. Now that winter is officially over and we can finally put away our somewhat stylish and sensible snow boots, we are ready to welcome spring into our lives and are beyond thankful for another new excuse to go shopping and update our wardrobes! From booties, to chic rain boots, pumps and sandals, we’re providing you with an official guide to the shoes you need in your life as we spring forward into warmer weather.

Booties: No matter the season, every it-girl needs a great pair of sensible booties in her life to transition her through the awkward days in which there’s no need for heavy, fur-lined boots yet not mild enough for her favorite pair of open toe stilettos.

Rain Boots: Spring Showers bring May flowers and after the apocalyptic type weather we’ve experienced this winter, we’ll gladly welcome a few rain showers over 23 hour snow storms any day. 

Pumps: As we all know, a great pair of shoes will take you places but with spring on the horizon, now is the perfect time to update your wardrobe with a classic pump that will take you from day to night and from work meetings to happy hour.

Sandals: So what it’s not 80 degrees yet? Is it ever really a bad time to up the ante with a fabulous new pair of sandals to get you ready for the warm summer days ahead? We think not!