The #WRUWGirl’s Guide to “Baking” Your Makeup

Cosmo posted an article earlier last month about “face baking” ie: that crazy technique you’ve heard about that was popularized by drag queens and often utilized by Kim Kardashian to help vanish fine lines, creases and pores while giving your face a flawless finish. Due to my own curiosity of this unique trend, I decided to give this makeup look a go and see if it really did give me the Kardashian matte foundation look. 

Note: I’ll be listing the steps from the Cosmo article along with my own commentary and photos, below!

Step 1: Hydrate your eye area.

This step was definitely needed due to how much makeup I was instructed to put on my face and under my eyes. After this, I moved forward with my usual routine: moisturizer, primer and foundation.

Step 2: Apply a thick concealer under your eyes.

I did exactly as Cosmo said and applied a ton of concealer. Like a ton. The concealer I use is already pretty thick so you can only imagine how long it took to pat and blend out with my beauty blender.

Step 3: Coat on more concealer.

Okay, this step was kiiiiiind of excessive. I mean, it made me feel like my face was completely slathered in makeup… which it was. My makeup did look pretty good after this step though, so I do have to give them credit. (note: try to ignore the fish face, I was trying to have fun while doing this y’all!)

Step 4: Dust on translucent powder.

Using a big fluffy eye shadow brush (just like the article says) I dabbed some translucent powder where the concealer was applied. The powder did a really great job of making my face feel soft (I know I don’t have to mention this but it was awesome) and helped locking in the concealer.

Step 6: Dust it off. 

The directions suggested using a fluffy eye shadow brush again to dust off the powder and this seriously took forever because there was so much powder, which was quite annoying. The directions didn’t call for this, but once I was done “dusting” the powder off of my face, I utilized my beauty blender and patted down the powder, again, because there was still some excess even after originally dusting it off with the eye shadow brush.


All in all, yes, I enjoyed the end result but I think I could have gotten the exact same look in way less time. (Note: In total, it probably took me a half hour to do this) However, keep in mind I hadn’t even done my eye makeup so you know that’s a heck of a long time for a foundation routine! If you’re still interested in trying this out though, I say go for it! It might work for you and you might feel the same way I do: in the middle. But like I always say, don’t knock it until you try it.

Written by: Samanta Saliba